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Wind Mill App .

1.Operating environment

     You need to use Android system above Android 8.0 and Android tablet 7.1 (it is recommended to use Google's latest native Android system: Android 12)

2.About antivirus

    It is recommended to use a mobile phone with strong openness to get an excellent experience
Some mobile phone butlers may report the virus and need to add an application whitelist

3.Software data storage

    Software data is stored by default in sdcard/date/android/com.agyer.windmill
    Ensure at least 512M running memory and 8G storage space
Files and data uploaded by users are stored on a third-party network disk

4.Use skills

    First of all, you need to master basic computer skills
Software experience has a lot to do with your programming foundation.     The level of understanding of programming grammar logic can also help you get started quickly!
          Come on, young man ~

Other use help ..?.

Hi, baby!  Here is a graphic tutorial ~

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